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The Sales Management Association solicits input for its 2009 Global Survey of Graduate Business Education for Sales Management

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The Sales Management Association’s 2009 Global Survey of Graduate Business Education for Sales Management

The Sales Management Association is compiling a directory of graduate business school programs for publication in spring 2009. Our directory will highlight those aspects of graduate business schools’ programs relevant to students with an academic or professional interest in sales management. Our objective in publishing this survey is to provide an authoritative resource for those in the sales management profession interested in evaluating graduate business programs. Results from our survey will be targeted to sales and sales management professionals considering an MBA, and prospective employers interested in recruiting from schools with a graduate-level focus on sales management. One of the more interesting aspects of the survey results will be a collection of representative course outlines from schools with course offerings focused in sales management.

I am writing to ask your help in making sure your school is included in the 2009 survey.

Could you let me know who to contact at your institution? I am looking for two contacts per institution: (1) an administrative contact who can verify the basic information we’ll publish on each institution (e.g., enrollment, admissions statistics, etc.; this person is typically in the marketing communications, PR, or external media relations function); and (2) the faculty champion for each institution’s sales management curriculum.

I am able to send a copy of the survey via return email, or I can forward to the contact person you suggest. Please reach me at I welcome any requests for additional information as well.

About the Sales Management Association

The Sales Management Association is a global, cross-industry professional association for practitioners, academics, and thought-leaders with an interest in leading, coaching, or supporting sales forces. Our membership includes many professionals interested in pursuing graduate business studies on a full-time, part-time, and certificate/non-degree basis. Learn more about the Sales Management Association at