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Customer Behaviour in Non-Store Retailing, Special issue of Journal of Customer Behaviour, Edited by Gianfranco Walsh, Dirk Morschett and Berthold H. Hass; Deadline 31 Aug 2009

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Professor Gianfranco Walsh, University of Koblenz-Landau, Professor Dirk Morschett, University of Fribourg and Professor Berthold H. Hass, University of Flensburg

Retailers approach their customers via many different formats. While many of those retail formats are store-based and require consumers to visit a physical location, there is a rising relevance of alternative retail formats. The most prominent non-store retail format is certainly Internet shopping but other formats also exist, including conventional catalogue retailing as well as teleshopping.

Non-store retailing does not take place in physical retail outlets but relies on different media such as television, the Internet or even virtual worlds such as Second Life. Thus, traditional means of instigating buying decisions and retaining customers (e.g., store atmospherics and scents) are not feasible. On the other hand, information and communication technologies may also provide additional opportunities of engaging with customers. As an increasing number of customers make their purchase from within their own homes, non-store retailing is becoming an increasingly important part of the retail industry. With different types of non-store retailing being firmly established in many countries, the concomitant consumer behaviour should be of interest to marketers.

Therefore, we are actively seeking manuscripts that focus on consumer behaviour in non-store retail settings. We hope to encourage consumer research within any context related to non-store retailing, such as mail order, shop-at-home television, Internet or even virtual worlds. Manuscripts applying theories to the non-store retailing context and those testing theoretical propositions tied to consumer behaviour are particularly relevant i.e.:

  • Theoretical or conceptual papers that introduce new perspectives on consumer behaviour within a non-store retailing context
  • Empirical studies that describe quantitative or qualitative findings related to consumer behaviour within the context of non-store retailing
  • Integrative review articles that synthesise existing literature and identify avenues for important future research
  • Reassessments of prior consumer research in store retail contexts considering the generalisability to the nonstore context

Topics for this special issue could include (but are not limited to):


  • Understanding consumer information search and decision-making processes in non-store retailing contexts
  • Psychological aspects of non-store buying behaviour (e.g., perceived risk, parasocial relationships)
  • The impact of convenience on consumer behaviour
  • The impact of the virtual store atmosphere on consumer behaviour
  • Benefits and limits of interactivity in non-store retailing
  • The association of non-store retail formats with store-based retail formats in the case of multi-channel retail systems
  • New types of non-store retail formats
  • Consumer service in non-store transactions, managing service quality and the impact of service on loyalty and profitability
  • Aberrant consumer behaviours, such as fraudulent returns


There is a double issue of JCB allocated for this Special Issue in Summer 2010. The submission deadline for papers is 31st August 2009. Submissions should be directed to: Professor Gianfranco Walsh, Email: If you have any queries please consult the guest editors.

    Professor Gianfranco Walsh, Institute for Management, University of Koblenz-Landau, Universitätsstrasse 1, 56070 Koblenz, Germany, Phone (+49) 261 287 2852, Fax (+49) 261 287 2851, Email:

    Professor Dirk Morschett, Chair for International Management, Liebherr/Richemond Endowed Chair, University of Fribourg, Boulevard de Pérolles 90, CH-1700 Fribourg, Email:

    Professor Berthold H. Hass, University of Flensburg, International Institute of Management, Munketoft 3b, 24937 Flensburg, Germany, Phone (+49) 461 805-2573, Fax (+49) 461 805-2578, Email: berthold.hass@uni-fl


Papers should be between 4000-6000 words in length. Authors must refer to the Guidelines for Authors (Full Text) for references, spelling, figures and tables etc. This can be downloaded from the website of Westburn Publishers Ltd.

All submissions must also be accompanied by a completed Article Submission Form for this Special Issue which can be downloaded from