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Tourism Management 

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Thirty years of Tourism Management
Chris Ryan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Progress in Tourism Management: From the geography of tourism to geographies of tourism – A review
C.M. Hall, S.J. Page [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Revisiting the tourism-led-growth hypothesis for Turkey using the bounds test and Johansen approach for cointegration
Salih T. Katircioglu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Chinese national parks: Differences, resource use and tourism product portfolios
Xiao-Long Ma, Chris Ryan, Ji-Gang Bao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The key capabilities required for managing tourism business networks
Arja Lemmetyinen, Frank M. Go [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hospitality teams: Knowledge sharing and service innovation performance
Meng-Lei Monica Hu, Jeou-Shyan Horng, Yu-Hua Christine Sun [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of perceived justice on recovery satisfaction, trust, word-of-mouth, and revisit intention in upscale hotels
Taegoo (Terry) Kim, Woo Gon Kim, Hong-Bumm Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Destination and enterprise management for a tourism future
Larry Dwyer, Deborah Edwards, Nina Mistilis, Carolina Roman, Noel Scott [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of crisis events and macroeconomic activity on Taiwan’s international inbound tourism demand
Yu-Shan Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Evolution of a doctoral thesis research topic and methodology: A personal experience
Jaloni Pansiri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourism as a sustainable livelihood strategy
Teresa C.H. Tao, Geoffrey Wall [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Segmentation by motivation in rural tourism: A Korean case study
Duk-Byeong Park, Yoo-Shik Yoon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Naming sites: Names as management tools in indigenous tourism sites – An Australian case study
Ian D. Clark [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Economic incentives for tourism firms to undertake voluntary environmental management
Ester Blanco, Javier Rey-Maquieira, Javier Lozano [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tried and tested: The impact of online hotel reviews on consumer consideration
Ivar E. Vermeulen, Daphne Seegers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Global service supply chains: An empirical study of current practices and challenges of a cruise line corporation
Simon Véronneau, Jacques Roy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

S. Pike, Destination marketing: An integrated marketing communication approach , Elsevier, Oxford (2008) ISBN 978-0-7506-8649-5 £26.99, pp. 406 (pbk).
Alan Clarke [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Jose Antonio Puppim de Oliveira, Implementation of Environmental Policies in Developing Countries. A case of Protected Areas and Tourism in Brazil Xvi+133 pp , State University of New York Press, Albany (2008) ISBN 978-07914-7325-2 (hbk)..
Eric Laws [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dennison Nash, Editor, The Study of Tourism: Anthropological and Sociological Beginnings, Elsevier, Oxford, UK (2007) ISBN 0-08-044240-4, pp. (hbk).
John Tribe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

C. Michael Hall, Editor, ProPoor Tourism – Who Benefits? Perspectives on Tourism and Poverty Reduction, Current Themes in Tourism, Channel View Publications, Clevedon (2007) ISBN 978-1-84541-075-9 pp. 166+vii, (hbk).
Eric Laws [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A. Fyall, B. Garrod, A. Leask and S. Wanhill, Editors, Managing Visitor Attractions: New Directions (second ed.), Butterworth Heinemann, Oxford (2008) ISBN 9780750685450, (pbk).
Richard Sharpley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

T. Rogers , Conferences and conventions: a global industry (second edition), Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford (2008) ISBN 978-0-7506-8544-3 400 pp., EUR 36.95, GBP 24.99, USD 43.99.
Tyra W. Hilliard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]