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Service Industries Journal, 28(9)

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Service Industries Journal 

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What prevents effective utilisation of customer knowledge in professional B-to-B services? An empirical study
Satu Nätti; Jukka Ojasalo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of manager promotion programs on store performance: evidence from 3C chain stores in Taiwan
Hsuan-Lien Chu; Shuen-Zen Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Barriers to ascension to senior management positions in retailing
Adelina Broadbridge [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Structural relationships among organisation service orientation, employee service performance, and consumer identification
Cedric Hsi-Jui Wu; Rong-Da Liang; Wei Tung; Ching-Sheng Chang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Female tour leaders as advertising endorsers
Chin-Tsai Lin; Kuo-Ching Wang; Wen-Yu Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The choice of control devices in franchise chains
Luis Vázquez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

E-customer service capability and value creation
Teck-Yong Eng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An integrative model of customers’ perceptions of health care services in Taiwan
Hsiu-Lan Wu; Chang-Yung Liu; Wen-Hsin Hsu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is empowerment really a contributory factor to service quality?
Akiko Ueno [Publisher] [Google Scholar]