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Public Opinion Quarterly, 72(4)

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Public Opinion Quarterly 

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The End of Welfare as We Know It?: Durable Attitudes in a Changing Information Environment
Joshua J. Dyck and Laura S. Hussey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Joining and Leaving the Rally: Understanding the Surge and Decline in Presidential Approval Following 9/11
Cindy D. Kam and Jennifer M. Ramos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social Movement Identity and Belief Systems: An Examination of Beliefs about Environmental Problems within the American Public
Aaron M. McCright and Riley E. Dunlap [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Foreign Occupation and National Pride: The Case of Iraq
Mansoor Moaddel, Mark Tessler, and Ronald Inglehart [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social Trust and Attitudes Toward Democracy
Sonja Zmerli and Ken Newton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Where You Stand Depends Upon Where Your Grandparents Sat: The Inheritability of Generalized Trust
Eric M. Uslaner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research Notes

Assessing the Usefulness of a New Measure of Interviewer Performance in Telephone Surveys
Claire Durand [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Homophobic Innumeracy?: Estimating the Size of the Gay and Lesbian Population
Michael D. Martinez, Kenneth D. Wald, and Stephen C. Craig [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Experimenting with a "Third Way" in Political Knowledge Estimation
Melissa K. Miller and Shannon K. Orr [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

False Consensus Goes Online: Impact of Ideologically Homogeneous Groups on alse Consensus
Magdalena Wojcieszak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Who Participates in the "Public Square" and Does It Matter?
Robert Kirby Goidel, Craig Malcolm Freeman, Steven Procopio, and Charles F. Zewe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Polls

The Polls–Trends: How Americans Think about North Korea: 2000-2007
Jibum Kim, Carl Gershenson, Jaeki Jeong, and Tom W. Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

Markus Prior. Post-Broadcast Democracy: How Media Choice Increases Inequality in Political Involvement and Polarizes Elections
David Tewksbury [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nicholas J. G. Winter. Dangerous Frames: How Ideas about Race and Gender Shape Public Opinion
Kevin Coe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Thomas R. Marshall. Public Opinion and the Rehnquist Court
James L. Gibson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]