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Role of flexibility in supply chain design and modeling—Introduction to the special issue?
Charu Chandra, Janis Grabis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Flexibility configurations: Empirical analysis of volume and product mix flexibility
Mattias Hallgren, Jan Olhager [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Manufacturing network configuration in supply chains with product recovery?
David Francas, Stefan Minner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On flexible product-mix decision problems under randomness and fuzziness?
Takashi Hasuike, Hiroaki Ishii [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Single or dual sourcing: decision-making in the presence of supply chain disruption risks
Haisheng Yu, Amy Z. Zeng, Lindu Zhao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The single-period inventory problem: Extension to random yield from the perspective of the supply chain?
Baruch Keren [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sharing inventory risk in supply chain: The implication of financial constraint?
Guoming Lai, Laurens G. Debo, Katia Sycara [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hedging strategic flexibility in the distribution optimization problem?
Chun-Ta Lin, Yee Ming Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A location analysis approach for military maintenance scheduling with geographically dispersed service areas?
Dale L. Overholts II, John E. Bell, Marvin A. Arostegui [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Health economic modeling to support surgery management at a Swedish hospital?
Marie Persson, Jan A. Persson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A cutting-and-inventory control problem in the manufacturing industry of stainless steel wares?
Yaodong Cui, Tianlong Gu, Wei Hu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A simplified algebraic method for system of linear inequalities with LP applications?
Hossein Arsham, Veena Adlakha, Benjamin Lev [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Indirect elicitation of non-linear multi-attribute utility functions. A dual procedure combined with DEA?
Francisco J. André [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A (Q,R)(Q,R) inventory model with a drop-shipping option for e-business?
Moutaz Khouja, Antonis C. Stylianou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

DEA game cross-efficiency approach to Olympic rankings?
Jie Wu, Liang Liang, Yao Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Two-period pricing and ordering policy for the dominant retailer in a two-echelon supply chain with demand uncertainty?
Kewen Pan, K.K. Lai, L. Liang, Stephen C.H. Leung [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Opening the black box of efficiency analysis: An illustration with UAE banks?
Necmi K. Avkiran [Publisher] [Google Scholar]