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Marketing Theory, 8(4)

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Marketing Theory 

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The past is a foreign country: amnesia and marketing theory
Mark Tadajewski and Michael Saren [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing the hegemony of development: of pulp fictions and green deserts
Steffen Bohm and Vinicius Brei [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Re-inventing Wroe?
Ben Wooliscroft [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Spinning the proverbial wheel? Social class and marketing
Paul Henry and Marylouise Caldwell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An introspective genealogy of my introspective genealogy
Stephen J. Gould [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The collective amnesia of marketing scholars regarding consumers’ biological and evolutionary roots
Gad Saad [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

`Don’t forget the fruit gums, chum’: marketing under erasure and renewal
Anthony Patterson, Alan Bradshaw, and Stephen Brown [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Final thoughts on amnesia and marketing theory
Mark Tadajewski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]