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Managing Service Quality, 18(6)

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Managing Service Quality 

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The nature of the service quality and satisfaction relationship: Empirical evidence for the existence of satisfiers and dissatisfiers
Birgit Leisen Pollack [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Prioritizing improvement of service attributes using impact range-performance analysis and impact-asymmetry analysis
Josip Mikulic, Darko Prebe?ac [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A review of empirical investigations comparing quality initiatives in manufacturing and service organizations
Åsa Rönnbäck, Lars Witell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What’s wrong with IVR self-service
Dwane H. Dean [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Assessing poor quality service: perceptions of customer service representatives
Marilyn M. Helms, Donna T. Mayo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer satisfaction and loyalty in the eyes of new and repeat customers: Evidence from the transport sector
Angelos Pantouvakis, Konstantinos Lymperopoulos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]