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Journal of International Business Studies, 39(8)

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Journal of International Business Studies 

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Letter from the Editor-in-Chief
Lorraine Eden [Publisher]

International labor mobility and knowledge flow externalities
Alexander Oettl and Ajay Agrawal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Offshoring as a survival strategy: evidence from manufacturing firms in Belgium
Kristien Coucke and Leo Sleuwaegen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Entry and exit decisions in flexible teams
Michael Christensen and Thorbjorn Knudsen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

National culture and expatriate deployment
David M Brock, Oded Shenkar, Amir Shoham and Ilene C Siscovick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mentoring across global boundaries: an empirical examination of home- and host-country mentors on expatriate career outcomes
Shawn M Carraher, Sherry E Sullivan and Madeline M Crocitto [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Management development and firm performance in Germany, Norway, Spain and the UK
Christopher Mabey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cross-cultural variations in climate for autonomy, stress and organizational productivity relationships: A comparison of Chinese and UK manufacturing organizations
Giles Hirst, Pawan Budhwar, Brian K Cooper, Michael West, Chen Long, Xu Chongyuan and Helen Shipton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A perspective on multinational enterprises and climate change: Learning from "an inconvenient truth"?
Ans Kolk and Jonatan Pinkse [Publisher] [Google Scholar]