Revisit: Nonprofit, Social, Arts and Heritage Marketing


Nonprofit, Social, Arts and Heritage Marketing, Special issue of European Journal of Marketing, Edited by Roger Bennett, Finola Kerrigan and Daragh O?Reilly; Deadline 1 Jan 2009

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Special Issue of European Journal of Marketing on Nonprofit, Social, Arts and Heritage Marketing

Call for papers

Although marketing has been increasingly central to the non-profit, social, arts and heritage (NSAH) sectors, the outcomes to research into marketing activities within these areas are still under represented in mainstream academic marketing literature. The number of academics working on non-profit, arts and heritage marketing has grown over the last decade, and without doubt the NSAH area is emerging as a highly significant research field. This has been driven to some extent by the size and value of the NSAH sector in developed economies and the recognition of the relevance of marketing practices for these sectors.

There are many synergies between the various parts of the non-profit, social, arts and heritage sectors, as well as some key differences in terms of what is being marketing, to whom and how. Moreover there are synergies between mainstream business enterprises and NSAH organisations, and an increasing volume of collaborations between the latter and commercial firms. Boundaries around what constitutes for-profit and non-profit are blurring and this has necessitated new ways of conceptualising marketing approaches and methods in the NSAH domain.

To date, these issues have been discussed mainly in specialist journals. In view of the growing international significance of NSAH marketing, however, it is now appropriate to examine developments in the field in a special issue of the European Journal of Marketing. The goals of this special issue are to highlight innovative work in the NSAH area, to provide an overview of the non-profit, social, arts and heritage marketing landscape, and to set the future research agenda for further work in relevant fields. We welcome papers that employ a range of interdisciplinary frameworks, that apply different methodologies, and which emanate from a variety of regions and contexts. Topics which may be explored in terms of their intersection with non-profit, social, arts and heritage marketing include but are not limited to those listed below:

  • Developments in marketing theory (including critical marketing theory) in the NSAH domain
  • Synergies with mainstream business marketing
  • Methods of researching NSAH topics
  • Public policy and NSAH marketing
  • Social marketing
  • Healthcare and public safety campaigns
  • Fundraising
  • New technology and NSAH marketing
  • Relationship marketing and relationship management programmes
  • Branding, aesthetics and consumer culture
  • Ethics
  • Marketing planning, marketing communications and audience development
  • New product development
  • Message strategies for NSAH marketing
  • Consuming the artistic experience

Submissions should be between 4000 and 6000 words in length (including introductory pages, tables and references). Authors are advised to follow the journal’s Author Guidelines.

The final deadline for the submission of papers is 1st January 2009 with the anticipated publication of the special issue in 2011.

Submissions to the European Journal of Marketing must be made using the ScholarOne Manuscript Central system:

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