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Journal of Management, 34(6)

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Journal of Management 

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Research on Organizational Configurations: Past Accomplishments and Future Challenges
Jeremy C. Short, G. Tyge Payne, and David J. Ketchen, Jr. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Multi-Level Review of Impression Management Motives and Behaviors
Mark C. Bolino, K. Michele Kacmar, William H. Turnley, and J. Bruce Gilstrap [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Resource-Based Analysis of the Conditions for the Emergence of Profits
Manuel Becerra [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is Management Theory Too "Self-ish"?
Robert Folger and Rommel Salvador [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stakeholder Theory: Reviewing a Theory That Moves Us
Andre O. Laplume, Karan Sonpar, and Reginald A. Litz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Middle Management Perspective on Strategy Process: Contributions, Synthesis, and Future Research
Bill Wooldridge, Torsten Schmid, and Steven W. Floyd [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Multilevel View of Intragroup Conflict
M. Audrey Korsgaard, Sophia Soyoung Jeong, Douglas M. Mahony, and Adrian H. Pitariu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]