Theory of Planned Behavior


A page on the TPB has been contributed by Phuong Nguyen and added to the ARC. Asking students to contribute a theory page to the ARC makes an ideal PhD seminar activity

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Some readers might know that the AMA Academic Resource Center has a section devoted to marketing theories. The purpose of this note is two-fold. First, I would like to alert ELMAR subcribers to a new addition to this section, on the Theory of Planned Behavior. This page was contributed by PhD student Phuong Nguyen.

A second purpose is to remind everyone that adding a page or adding to a page in this section, while an excellent idea for researchers at all levels of their career, is especially suited for PhD students. Creating a page or modifying a page for a key theory used in marketing would in fact make a great PhD seminar assignment. All user contributions are attributed to their authors, and thid particular ARC section receives thousands of Web hits per month.