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Technovation, 28(12)

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Why big science has trouble finding big money and small science has difficulties finding small money
Jonathan D. Linton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A biomedical military–industrial complex?
Judith Reppy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On heuristics, narrative and knowledge management
Robert S. Friedman and Laurence Prusak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Chinese vs. European views regarding technology assessment: Convergent or divergent?
Dominique R. Jolly [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Upstart startup: “Constructed advantage” and the example of Qualcomm
Sanford Lakoff [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Measuring innovation best practices: Improvement of an innovation index integrating threshold and synergy effects
Helmi Ben Rejeb, Laure Morel-Guimarães, Vincent Boly and N’Doli Guillaume Assiélou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effect of TQM on performance in R&D environments: A perspective from South Korean firms
Daniel I. Prajogo and Soon W. Hong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]