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Journal of Marketing Research, 45(6)

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Journal of Marketing Research 

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The Dishonesty of Honest People: A Theory of Self-Concept Maintenance
Nina Mazar, On Amir, Dan Ariely [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Commentaries and Rejoinder to "The Dishonesty of Honest People"
Scott Rick, George Loewenstein, John R Monterosso, Daniel D Langleben, Nina Mazar, On Amir, Dan Ariely [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Interrupted Consumption: Disrupting Adaptation to Hedonic Experiences
Leif D Nelson, Tom Meyvis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effect of Partitions on Controlling Consumption
Amar Cheema, Dilip Soman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Remedying Hyperopia: The Effects of Self-Control Regret on Consumer Behavior
Anat Keinan, Ran Kivetz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Positive Consumer Contagion: Responses to Attractive Others in a Retail Context
Jennifer J Argo, Darren W Dahl, Andrea C Morales [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Endogeneity and Individual Consumer Choice
Dmitri Kuksov, J. Miguel Villas-Boas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Who’s Got the Coupon? Estimating Consumer Preferences and Coupon Usage from Aggregate Information
Andres Musalem, Eric T Bradlow, Jagmohan S Raju [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Circles, Squares, and Choice: The Effect of Shape Arrays on Uniqueness and Variety Seeking
Michal Maimaran, S. Christian Wheeler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strengthening Customer Loyalty Through Intimacy and Passion: Roles of Customer-Firm Affection and Customer-Staff Relationships in Services
Chi Kin (Bennett) Yim, David K Tse, Kimmy Wa Chan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]