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Competition or Cooperation: East vs. West, Edmonton, Canada, 12-13 May 2009, Chaired by Ilan Alon and William Wei; Deadline 15 Dec

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Call for Papers: Competition or Cooperation: East vs. West
May 12-13, 2009
MacEwan School of Business, Edmonton, Canada

With the rapidly changing landscape of the global economy as the backdrop to a more challenging and unpredictable world, it is imperative to look at cooperative and competitive antecedents for future East-West relationships and the internal economic, social and political evolution of both markets. For example, following China’s 2001 accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the country has quickly risen to become the world’s third largest trading economy (with total trade exceeding US$1.1 trillion). China will soon replace Canada as the United States’ largest trading partner. The rise of Eastern countries, most notably China and India, and the displacement of industry in the West raises the basic question: Is the East a competitive or cooperative partner in trade, investment and business relations?

Fearful observers suggest that the East will overtake the West as a center for business and economic development. Optimists, on the other hand, see complementary relations between the two regions. The reality is that the East is currently undergoing a major socio-political and economic transformation, providing both opportunities and challenges for regional stability, sustainable development, and international business. To further explore contrasting economic environments and business relations between the two regions, we seek submissions generally relating to:

  • Political, regulatory, economic and business relations between the East and the West
  • Entry modes and performance of Western companies in the East, and vice versa
  • Comparative studies of management, management education, and entrepreneurship
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and trade between the East and the West
  • The impact of Eastern business internationalization on the West
  • Political and institutional change in the East and its impact on the West
  • Family ownership, state-owned ownership and internationalization
  • Corporate social responsibility, strategic management, and marketing practices
  • Case studies and industry reports linking the East to the West

Please submit abstracts to: Ilan Alon (Harvard University) ialon@rollins.edu and William Wei (MacEwan College) weix@macewan.ca by Dec. 15, 2008. Authors of accepted abstracts will need to submit a full paper by Feb. 15, 2009. Selected paper will be eligible for publication in a Special Issue coming out of the conference. A pre-conference trip to Alberta Oil Sands http://oilsands.alberta.ca/ will be subsidized for conference presenters/attendees.

Organizers & Sponsors:

  • MacEwan School of Business, Edmonton, Canada
  • Rollins College, The China Center & the Crummer Graduate School of Business
  • International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets (IJBEM)