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Judgment and Decision Making, 3(7)

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Judgment and Decision Making 

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The value of victory: social origins of the winner’s curse in common value auctions
Wouter van den Bos, Jian Li, Tatiana Lau, Eric Maskin, Jonathan D. Cohen, P. Read Montague, and Samuel M. McClure [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Observing others’ behavior and risk taking in decisions from experience
Eldad Yechiam, Meir Druyan, and Eyal Ert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Changing her ways: The number of options and mate-standard strength impact mate choice strategy and satisfaction
Alison P. Lenton, and Amanda Stewart [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Decision making in civil disputes: The effects of legal role, frame, and perceived chance of winning
Victoria Gilliland, and John C. Dunn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tests of Cumulative Prospect Theory with graphical displays of probability
Michael H. Birnbaum, Kathleen Johnson, and Jay-Lee Longbottom [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Evolution of the interpersonal conflict paradigm
Mandeep K. Dhami, and Henrik Olsson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Modeling sequential context effects in judgment analysis: A time series approach
Jason W. Beckstead [Publisher] [Google Scholar]