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Journal of Database Marketing and Customer Strategy Management , 15(3)

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Journal of Database Marketing 

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Ozimek, John [Publisher]

Net Promoter
Shaw, Robert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Norwich Union
Etherington, Lyn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing event-driven customer relationships in telecommunications
Xevelonakis, Evangelos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A metric for customer lifetime value of credit card customers
Aeron, Harsha; Bhaskar, Tarun; Sundararajan, Ramasubramanian; Kumar, Ashwani; Moorthy, Janakiraman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What characterises the culture of a market-oriented organisation applying a customer-intimacy philosophy
Osarenkhoe, Aihie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cross-national segments for a food product: Defining them and a strategy for finding them in the absence of Mineable databases
Moskowitz, Howard R; Beckley, Jacqueline H; Luckow, Tracy; Paulus, Klaus O [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Data protection: Tougher enforcement and increased power for the Information Commissioner?
Nettleton, Ewan; Turner, Ian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]