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Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 49(4)

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Cornell Hospitality Quarterly 

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Lodging Tries to Pick Up the Pieces as Link to GDP Shatters
Randell A. Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Full Cycle: U.S. Lodging Approaches the Next Trough
R. Mark Woodworth [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Relationship of Sales and Marketing Expenses to Hotel Performance in the United States
John W. O’Neill, Bjorn Hanson, and Anna S. Mattila [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Success and Failure in Northern California: Critical Success Factors for Independent Restaurants
Angelo A. Camillo, Daniel J. Connolly, and Woo Gon Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Analysis of Environmental Statements Issued by EMAS-Certified Spanish Hotels
Maria Jesus Bonilla Priego and Carmen Aviles Palacios [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Work-Family Conflict and Facilitation in the Hotel Industry: A Study in Nigeria
Osman M. Karatepe and Alheri Bawa Magaji [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Human Resource Systems in Kenya: A Case Study of Hotel Human Resources Performance
Fwaya Erick Onyango and Roselyne N. Okech [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Accounting for Human Resource Flexibility: Commentary on "Human Resource Systems in Kenya"
J. Bruce Tracey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Challenge of Causality: A Commentary on "Human Resource Systems in Kenya"
William J. Heisler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Development of Franchise Operations in Emerging Markets: The Case of a Poland-Based Restaurant Operator
Darek Klonowski, Jacqueline L. Power, and Daniel Linton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using Cases to Discover Theory: The Case of the Poland-Based Restaurant Operator
Jim Combs [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Issues for International Franchising: Lessons from the Case of a Poland-Based Restaurant Operator
Kyuho Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using a Modular System Approach to International Franchising: Analyzing the Case Study of a Poland-Based Restaurant Operator
Brian Miller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]