Service Science Book Series


Chapter calls for two books: Science of Service Systems, and Service Systems Implementation, Edited by Jim Spohrer, Vikas Krishna and Haluk Demirkan; Proposal deadline 15 Nov 2008

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Dear Colleagues,
Hello! I am serving as a co-editor of two volumes of books on Advancement of Services Systems (the Science of Service Systems, and Service Systems Implementation) in the Service Science: Research and Innovations (SSRI) in the Service Economy Book Series.  My co-chairs, Jim Spohrer (IBM) and Vikas Krishna (IBM), and I are writing to internationally renowned scholars in hopes that you will consider submitting a chapter proposal to our edited books. We have already received a great deal of interest, and your contributions would help us improve the quality of the books. The deadline for submitting brief chapter proposal is coming closer: November 15, 2008. Please consider submitting your work if it is related to any of the specific topics listed in below and/or if you feel it addresses visions of the future of service systems. We thank you, in advance, for your valuable contribution. Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information. We look forward to receiving your submission!
1)     The Science of Service Systems intends to stimulate discussion and understanding by presenting theory based research with actionable results.
2)     Service Systems Implementation intends to stimulate discussion and understanding by presenting application-oriented, design science-oriented (artifacts building: constructs, models, methods and instantiations) and case study-oriented research with actionable results. This will illustrate how the techniques described can be employed in large scale, real world examples that are developed to match the theoretical and practical presentation. Furthermore, the case studies will help visualize service systems along the four key dimensions of people, information, technology and value propositions which can help enable better integration between them towards higher value propositions.
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