Social or Environmental Attributes


June Cotte and Remi Trudel seek unpublished articles or reports on social or environmental attributes and the purchase decision. Willingness-to-pay for these attributes is of special interest

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My co-author (Remi Trudel) and I are conducting a systematic review on the topic of whether, and how, consumers consider social or environmental attributes when making purchase decisions. We are especially interested in the sub-topic of willingness-to-pay for these attributes. We are (of course) searching all the usual databases ourselves, but with this post I am asking for “hidden” articles – for example, papers that were not published yet, or where results showed no significant effects, and so weren’t sent in for publication. In addition, industry or consulting-style white papers are also sometimes hard to find. So, if you know of any articles of this nature, I would ask that you email them to me at:

If your work appears in a major journal, we will find it, so no need to necessarily send those (but we will take them if you do).

Thanks very much in advance.



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