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Marketing Science, 27(5)

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Class Pricing
Birger Wernerfelt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Network Formation and the Structure of the Commercial World Wide Web
Zsolt Katona and Miklos Sarvary [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Price Discrimination Model of Trade Promotions
Tony Haitao Cui, Jagmohan S. Raju, and Z. John Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Try It, You Will Like It–Does Consumer Learning Lead to Competitive Price Promotions?
Marshall Freimer and Dan Horsky [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Supermarket Pricing Strategies
Paul B. Ellickson and Sanjog Misra [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Bivariate Timing Model of Customer Acquisition and Retention
David A. Schweidel, Peter S. Fader, and Eric T. Bradlow [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Global Takeoff of New Products: Culture, Wealth, or Vanishing Differences?
Deepa Chandrasekaran and Gerard J. Tellis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Online Auction Demand
Song Yao and Carl F. Mela [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Navigating Local Environments with Global Strategies: A Contingency Model of Multinational Subsidiary Performance
Rajdeep Grewal, Murali Chandrashekaran, and F. Robert Dwyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Findings–Biased but Efficient: An Investigation of Coordination Facilitated by Asymmetric Dominance
Wilfred Amaldoss, James R. Bettman, and John W. Payne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research Note–Competitive Brand Salience
Ralf van der Lans, Rik Pieters, and Michel Wedel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research Note

Trading Up: A Strategic Analysis of Reference Group Effects
Wilfred Amaldoss and Sanjay Jain [Publisher] [Google Scholar]