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Journal of Economic Psychology, 29(5)

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Journal of Economic Psychology 

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Behavioral economics and decision making: Applying insights from psychology to understand how people make economic decisions
David Leiser and Ofer H. Azar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Labour supply in presence of taxation financing public services. An experimental approach
Guido Ortona, Stefania Ottone, Ferruccio Ponzano and Francesco Scacciati [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Getting off the hedonic treadmill, one step at a time: The impact of regular religious practice and exercise on well-being
Daniel Mochon, Michael I. Norton and Dan Ariely [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When ignorance is not bliss: How feelings of discomfort promote the search for negative information
Yaniv Shani, Orit E. Tykocinski and Marcel Zeelenberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Regulatory focus effects on discounting over uncertainty for losses vs. gains
Vered Halamish, Nira Liberman, E. Tory Higgins and Lorraine Chen Idson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Giving advice under uncertainty: What you do, what you should do, and what others think you do
Liat Hadar and Ilan Fischer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effect of relative thinking on firm strategy and market outcomes: A location differentiation model with endogenous transportation costs?
Ofer H. Azar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Monitoring optimistic agents
Nicolas Jacquemet, Jean-Louis Rullière and Isabelle Vialle [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The rejection of attractive gambles, loss aversion, and the lemon avoidance heuristic
Eyal Ert and Ido Erev [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are the unskilled really that unaware? An alternative explanation
Marian Krajc and Andreas Ortmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The selectivity effect of past experience on purchasing decisions: Implications for the WTA–WTP disparity
Matan Tsur [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On the preference for full-coverage policies: Why do people buy too much insurance?
Zur Shapira and Itzhak Venezia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Psychological construal of economic behavior
David Leiser, Ofer H. Azar and Liat Hadar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]