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International Journal of Market Research, 50(6)

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International Journal of Market Research 

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MR confidential: anonymity in market research
John Griffiths


Creating customer insight
David Cowan

Main papers

Consumer savvy and intergenerational effects
Clive Nancarrow, Julie Tinson and Ian Brace

Collective forms of resistance: the transformative power of moderate communities
Daniele Dalli and Matteo Corciolani

Turning the amplification up to 11
Geoff Wicken and Richard Asquith

Decisions, decisions, decisions: multiple pathways to choice
Wei Shao, Ashley Lye and Sharyn Rundle-Thiele

Brand trust as a second-order factor: an alternative measurement model
Fuan Li, Nan Zhou, Rajiv Kashyap and Zhilin Yang

Book reviews

Patricia L. Sutherland and Rita M. Denny – Doing Anthropology In Consumer Research
Simon Haslam

David Viney – Get To The Top On Google
Jim Hamill and Alan Stevenson