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Corporate Reputation Review, 11(3)

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Corporate Reputation Review 

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Rethinking the Relationship Between Reputation and Legitimacy: A Social Actor Conceptualization
Brayden G King and David A Whetten [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Self-Monitoring Organization: Minimizing Discrepancies among Differing Images of Organizational Identity
Kristin Price and Dennis A Gioia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Process of Organizational Identity Construction in Iterative Organizations
Peter O Foreman and Milena M Parent [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reactions to Organizational Identity Threats in Times of Change: Illustrations from the German Police
Gabriele Jacobs, Jochen Christe-Zeyse, Anne Keegan and Laszlo Polos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Way We Were: Legacy Organizational Identity and the Role of Leadership
Ian J Walsh and Mary Ann Glynn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Paradox of the Organizational Identity Field
Mirdita N Elstak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]