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Business Horizons, 51(6)

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Understanding China in transition
Marjorie A. Lyles [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Appreciating cultural differences in China: An interview with Robert A. Eckert, Chairperson of the Board and CEO of Mattel, Inc.
Marjorie A. Lyles [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A win-win relationship: An interview with Zhou Wenzhong, Ambassador to the United States from the People’s Republic of China
Marjorie A. Lyles [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Ownership structure and the diversification and performance of publicly-listed companies in China
Andrew Delios, Nan Zhou and Wei Wei Xu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

China’s outward foreign direct investment
Wei He and Marjorie A. Lyles [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Piracy in China
Erin Swike, Sean Thompson and Christine Vasquez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Overcoming corporate rigidities in the dynamic Chinese market
Shenxue Li, Mark Easterby-Smith and Marjorie A. Lyles [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Financial reforms in Chinese banking: The impact on personal lending and operational efficiency
Michael Horrocks, Venkataramanan Ramaswamy and Keri Rupp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Challenging Confucius: Western banks in the Chinese credit card market
Justin W. Evans [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Understanding and managing CEO celebrity
David J. Ketchen Jr., Garry L. Adams and Christopher L. Shook [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, and financial performance: Lessons from finance
Robert Neal and Philip L. Cochran [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


The new value imperative for privately held companies: The why, what, and how of value management strategy
John W. Hill and Thomas L. Zeller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The market within: A marketing approach to creating and developing high-value employment relationships
Linda Schweitzer and Sean Lyons [Publisher] [Google Scholar]