Advertising and Consumer Psychology


2009 Advertising and Consumer Psychology Conference, Ann Arbor, MI, 28-30 May 2009, Chaired by Punam Anand-Keller, Rajeev Batra and Vic Strecher; Deadline (5pm US East Coast time) 23 Jan

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2009 Advertising and Consumer Psychology Conference:
Ann Arbor, MI, May 28 to 30, 2009

Call for Papers: 2009 Advertising and Consumer Psychology Conference

Leveraging Consumer Psychology for Effective Health Communications

While researchers in consumer psychology and public health communications both seek to learn more about how consumers make their health-relevant decisions, and how to craft more effective health-related interventions, they do not learn often enough from each other’s work. In addition, much of the valuable work in both these research streams does not often actually get applied to many of the major health-care challenges facing citizens and policy-makers.

The goals of this conference are thus to (1) bring together top researcher-scholars from the consumer psychology and public health communications communities, as well as policy-makers from the public and private sectors, (2) to expose them to programmatic, cumulative learning about the psychology of public health communications from both these research streams, (3) to create a venue in which conference presenters and participants can collectively attempt to apply these findings to one particular high priority public health challenge (fighting the obesity epidemic), and (4) to facilitate the initiation of joint application-oriented research proposals (reflecting real-world complexities) that bring together members of these two research communities.

To facilitate close interaction, attendance will not exceed approximately 80 scholars from public health and consumer psychology, and policy-makers. We seek papers from these (and other) research streams that integrate and synthesize the findings-to-date – instead of simply presenting single studies — in various relevant areas such as consumer processing of warning and nutritional labels, the use of fear appeals, community-based communication strategies, interactive health communications and the design of decision aids, social marketing strategies, promoting positive attitudes and behaviors, discouraging negative attitudes and behaviors, and others. We will require that each presented paper spend at least a third of the presentation time drawing action-oriented conclusions from that area that can potentially be applied to communication or policy interventions aimed at reducing levels of obesity among targeted audiences.

The conference will be held at the facilities of the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. It will be chaired by Professors Punam Anand-Keller (Tuck School of Business, Darthmouth), Rajeev Batra (University of Michigan, Yaffe Center and Ross School of Business), and Vic Strecher (University of Michigan, Medical School and School of Public Health). The Yaffe Center for Persuasive Communication at the Ross School of Business is the primary organizer for this Conference, under the aegis of the Society for Consumer Psychology.

Submission Process. Please submit a one page summary of the work that you would present, along with the list of authors and author information, by 5pm January 23, 2009 to Notification will be made by February 20. Priority will be given to proposals that match the integrative, and application-oriented, goals of the Conference.