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Journal of Management, 34(5)

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Journal of Management 

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How Executive SHRM System Links to Firm Performance: The Perspectives of Upper Echelon and Competitive Dynamics{dagger}
Hao-Chieh Lin and Chih-Ting Shih [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Conventional and Reverse Knowledge Flows in Multinational Corporations
Qin Yang, Ram Mudambi, and Klaus E. Meyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer (In)Justice and Emotional Labor: The Role of Perspective Taking, Anger, and Emotional Regulation
Deborah E. Rupp, A. Silke McCance, Sharmin Spencer, and Karlheinz Sonntag [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Untangling the Effects of Overexploration and Overexploitation on Organizational Performance: The Moderating Role of Environmental Dynamism
Heli Wang and Jiatao Li [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perceptions of Discrimination: A Multiple Needs Model Perspective
Barry M. Goldman, Jerel E. Slaughter, Mark J. Schmit, Jack W. Wiley, and Scott M. Brooks [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Developing a Measure of Unethical Behavior in the Workplace: A Stakeholder Perspective
Muel Kaptein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Human Resource Flexibility as a Mediating Variable Between High Performance Work Systems and Performance
Inmaculada Beltran-Martin, Vicente Roca-Puig, Ana Escrig-Tena, and Juan Carlos Bou-Llusar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]