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Journal of Consumer Culture, 8(3)

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Journal of Consumer Culture 

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Special Section on the Contradictions of Consumption at the Point of Service Delivery: 1 November 2008; Vol. 8, No. 3

Marek Korczynski and Melissa Tyler [Publisher]

New Faces and New Masks of Today’s Consumer
Yiannis Gabriel and Tim Lang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Customer is Always Right?: Exploring the concept of customer bullying in the British Employment Service
Victoria Bishop and Helge Hoel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Creating Something: Using nostalgia to build a branch network
Leane Cutcher [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Controlling Service Work: An ambiguous accomplishment between employees, management and customers
Allanah Johnston and Jorgen Sandberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

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