Degree of Service and Digitization


Michael Haenlein seeks help in measuring the degree to which specific offerings are services and the degree to which they can be digitized

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I’m currently working on a research project that relies on a set of experiments. In the context of my pre-test I need to identify product categories that are high/ low on what I would call "degree of digitization" and "degree of service". "Degree of digitization" hereby refers to the question whether the product/ service can be translated into digital format without loss of its core value proposition. For example, music is high on digitization as an mp3 is virtually the same as a CD or tape, but food would be low as a digital picture of an apple is not the same as a real apple. "Degree of service" takes up on Vargo and Lusch (2004) and that every good has more or less service-like characteristics. So an "apple" would probably score low, a haircut hair and a custom-fit suit somewhere in the middle.

In order to measure how certain products/ services score on both dimensions I’m currently looking for scales that measure "degree of digitization" and "degree of service". However, I did not have much success so far.

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