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Sloan Management Review, 50(1)

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Sloan Management Review 

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The Oh-So-Practical Magic of Open Source Innovation
An interview with Marten Mickos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Management Lessons of a Beleaguered Industry
An interview with Thomas A. Kochan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Inside View of IBM’s ‘Innovation Jam’
Osvald M. Bjelland and Robert Chapman Wood [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When ‘Stars’ Migrate, Do They Still Perform Like Stars?
Boris Groysberg, Lex Sant and Robin Abrahams [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How to Have Influence
Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield and Andrew Shimberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Integrating Innovation Style and Knowledge Into Strategy
Edward F. McDonough III, Michael H. Zack, Hsing-Er Lin and Iris Berdrow [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

6 Steps to (Re)Building a Top Management Team
Stephen A. Miles and Nathan Bennett [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Can You Measure Leadership?
Robert Gandossy and Robin Guarnieri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Rethinking Procurement in the Era of Globalization
Frank A.G. den Butter and Kees A. Linse [Publisher] [Google Scholar]