AMA Thought Leadership Initiative


The AMA Academic Council calls for proposals for events or activities to advance the thought, application and ethical practice of marketing; Funding is available for accepted events

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Background information on Thought Leadership Initiative:

One of the American Marketing Association’s principal roles, as defined in the association’s Mission Statement, is to advance the thought, application and ethical practice of marketing. In support of this key activity, the association launched a Thought Leadership Initiative led by Past Chairperson of the Board, Bart Weitz, and managed by the AMA’s Academic Council.

In support of this initiative, the AMA will consider applications for funding of events or activities. Such events or activities would address the development and dissemination of marketing knowledge specifically as it relates to research on substantive marketing issues and the provision of managerial implications. For example, proposed events or activities could provide insights into improving the effectiveness of a functional area in marketing or cover a special issue related to a specific marketing environment. The end result will be dissemination of knowledge to marketing practitioners and academics through the American Marketing Association.

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