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Ankara University International Conference on Market, Marketing & Entrepreneurship: Creating & Capturing Value in the 21st Century, Antalya, Turkey, 6-9 Apr 2009; Deadline 1 Dec

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Ankara University International Conference on
Market, Marketing & Entrepreneurship: Creating & Capturing Value in the 21st Century

6-9 April 2009-Antalya-TURKEY (

Keynote Speakers


  • Professor Robert BLACKBURN
  • Professor Candida BRUSH
  • Professor Nicolai J. FOSS
  • Professor Claes M. HULTMAN
  • Professor Michael M. MORRIS
  • Professor Paul WESTHEAD


The growing interest and research output on marketing, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial marketing, value co-creation, and value capturing in the 21st century economy reflects a clear point of convergence for the topics. The continuing impact of entrepreneurship on economic growth in developed, emerging and developing economies is an important aspect at this convergence. At the nexus of the interface between entrepreneurship and marketing is value creation and value appropriation within the market. It is the market that provides signals both to the entrepreneur and marketer regarding what value is needed, when it is needed, and how it should be delivered. In addition, rapid technological development and consumer-producer value co-creation provide further impetus for the conference theme. The interdisciplinary approach taken by the conference reflects the fundamental challenges that none of the topics, individually, is able to address. The fundamental import of their collective roles in market economies and the challenges they pose for in different types of economies is another point of importance. Addressing these challenges is particularly important because of the need to manage the growth and sustainability of micro, small and medium sized enterprises. The aim of this conference, therefore, is to invigorate and stimulate interdisciplinary research interests in this exciting field. The conference committee invites paper submissions in the areas relating to the theme. Scholarly, conceptual and empirical papers are encouraged. The issues to consider could include (but are not necessarily limited to) the following:

  • Business model, market and SME performance
  • International entrepreneurship
  • Women and minority issues in entrepreneurship
  • Competitive strategies and business development for SMEs
  • Creativity, innovation and SME Marketing
  • Marketing and customer value propositions for entrepreneurial and start-up firms
  • Value co-creation, delivery and value propositions
  • Entrepreneurial Branding
  • Branding and Reputation for SMEs
  • Brand equity
  • Branding, design and country of origin effect
  • Entrepreneurship, consumers’ perspectives and brand value propositions
  • Developing and nurturing marketing orientation in SMEs
  • Relevance of marketing and the early stages of SME development
  • Developing and supporting entrepreneurial marketing when organizational structures are not yet existent or in great flux
  • Entrepreneurial risk, consumer behaviour and new product development
  • Cross cultural issues in entrepreneurial marketing
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Corporate entrepreneurship
  • New technologies and influence on marketing implications
  • Growth, sustainability and performance
  • Opportunity recognition
  • Entrepreneurial marketing

Submission Submission Guideline is available on Papers will be subjected to double-blind review process by the symposium reviewers. Abstracts should not exceed 600 and state research objectives, methodology, findings and principal outcomes. For further enquiries, please visit our website or Contact: