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Technovation, 28(11)

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New product internal performance and market performance: Evidence from Spanish firms regarding the role of trust, interfunctional integration, and innovation type
Nuria García, M. José Sanzo and Juan A. Trespalacios [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Involvement of system firms in the development of complementary products: The influence of novelty
Jan van den Ende, Ferdinand Jaspers and Donald Gerwin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The innovative activity of foreign subsidiaries in the Spanish Innovation System: An evaluation of their impact from a sectoral taxonomy approach
Jose Molero and Antonio Garcia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Detecting emerging research fronts based on topological measures in citation networks of scientific publications
Naoki Shibata, Yuya Kajikawa, Yoshiyuki Takeda and Katsumori Matsushima [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From capability to connectivity—Absorptive capacity and exploratory alliances in biopharmaceutical firms: A US–Europe comparison
Tianjiao Xia and Stephen Roper [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Intellectual property rights for developing countries: Lessons from Iran
Alfred Sarkissian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]