Middle East Consumer Culture


The Rise of Consumer Culture in the Middle East, Book edited by Helene Cherrier; Chapter proposal deadline 1 Nov 2008

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Call for chapter proposal on consumer culture in the Middle East

The Middle East region that includes Egypt, the Arabian Peninsula, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq has always had a tradition of small boutiques, souqs and local shops. However, the sudden development of large-scale shopping malls with the extreme offerings of themed ambiance, multi-cultural restaurants, luxurious Western brands and multiplex cinemas are gradually re-shaping the traditional Middle East region into a global consumer culture. The shaping of this new global landscape throws into question the assumptions and practices of everyday life and constitutes the negotiation of new Middle Easter consumer identities and consumption lifestyles.

We invite proposals for chapters on The Rise of Consumer Culture in the Middle East. Each chapter will help answer to the question: How do Middle Eastern consumers experience the changes that are occurring in their environment?

Proposals may address but should not be restricted to:

  • The rise of Middle Eastern Consumption (History, scope, global significance, etc…)
  • The Consumer revolution in the private sphere (Luxury housing, food, eating in / going out, clothes, branding / positional goods, etc…)
  • The commodification of social encounters (smoking, alcohol, sexuality, dancing, sport, etc..)
  • Resistance to conspicuous consumption in the Middle East (Religion and consumption, Traditions, Rituals, voluntary simplicity in the Middle East, environmental sustainability, Charity, etc…)
  • Globalization versus localization (Negotiation of norms, rethinking cultural identity / acculturation processes, Frictions of identities: us versus them, etc…)
  • A vision for the Middle Eastern consumer (future perspective…)

Proposals should be around 200 words. Include a brief biography mentioning any related publications.

Email the chapter proposal by November 1st, 2008 to hcherrier@aud.edu

The deadline for chapter submissions is April 3rd, 2009.