Interpretive Consumer Research


5th Workshop on Interpretive Consumer Research, Milan, 2-3 Apr 2009, Chaired by Antonella Caru, Bernard Cova and Avi Shankar; Deadline 15 Nov

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MILAN, APRIL 2-3, 2009


Antonella CARU (Bocconi University, Italy)
Bernard COVA (EUROMED Marseilles, France)
Avi SHANKAR (University of Bath, U.K.)


The past twenty years of consumer research have produced a flurry of research addressing the socio-cultural, experiential, symbolic, and ideological aspects of consumption. Over the years, many epithets characterizing these research traditions have come into play (i.e., relativist, postpositivist, poststructuralist, humanistic, naturalistic, postmodern, etc.); they have been recently encapsulated into a compelling academic brand named Consumer Culture Theory (CCT). However, the very diversity of this research tradition, which is a source of richness, cannot be reduced to a sole brand name. Furthermore, the presence of different conversations, stemming from different angles of attack (i.e., phenomenology, semiotics, hermeneutics, literary theory, introspection, discourse analysis, etc.), does not preclude cross-paradigmatic engagement and enrichment.


The aim of this workshop is to provide a forum for researchers interested in all aspects of interpretive consumer research to discuss the ongoing cross-paradigm movements, analyse current developments and review the possibilities for integration and differentiation of theoretical assumptions and identification of the limitations of the approaches.

We think that the academic dispute is essential for the advancement of knowledge, but the format of such discussion is also important for the quality of the outcome. Disagreements and differences need to be accompanied by mutual respect and reverence. The friendly and informal style of this conference offers a very good and productive setting for this. Abstracts containing a point of disagreement with some established position accompanied by a set of supporting arguments are welcome.

We invite papers addressing the following themes:

  • Methods and practices in interpretive consumer research and interpretive marketing research
  • Critical reviews of theory and practice
  • Retrospects and prospects in interpretive consumer research
  • Regional approaches (Baltic, Celtic, Latin, Nordic, etc.) are welcome.

Those who are interested in presenting a paper should submit a one page abstract (12 pt Times New Roman, single spaced)


November 15, 2008

To be acceptable, proposals MUST only be submitted through the website below !!!


Notification of acceptation: January 2009

For accepted abstract, 5 pages paper (without including front page, references and appendix) must be sent before March 15th 2009.


Details on location, accommodation, attendance fees and registration will be available soon.