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Journal of International Management, 14(3)

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Journal of International Management 

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Institutional changes and organizational transformation in developing economies
Preet S. Aulakh and Masaaki Kotabe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Adapting to market liberalization: The role of dynamic capabilities, initial resource conditions, and strategic path choices in determining evolutionary fitness of Less Developed Country (LDC) firms
Omar R. Malik [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is there a liability of localness? How emerging market firms respond to regulatory punctuations
Luis A. Perez-Batres and Lorraine Eden [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategic responses to institutional changes: ‘Indigenous growth’ model of the Indian pharmaceutical industry
Raveendra Chittoor, Sougata Ray, Preet S. Aulakh and M.B. Sarkar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Economies of connectedness: Concept and application
Marleen Dieleman and Wladimir M. Sachs [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Breakout from Bollywood? The roles of social networks and regulation in the evolution of Indian film industry
Mark Lorenzen and Florian Arun Täube [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Institutional reforms in the Gulf Cooperation Council economies: A conceptual framework
Nir Kshetri and Riad Ajami [Publisher] [Google Scholar]