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Journal of Consumer Affairs, 42(3)

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Journal of Consumer Affairs 

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Disentangling the Differences between Abusive and Predatory Lending: Professionals’ Perspectives
Lucy M. Delgadillo, Luke V. Erickson, Kathleen W. Piercy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Open Mind Wants More: Opinion Strength and the Desire for Genetically Modified Food Labeling Policy
Sonja Radas, Mario F. Teisl, Brian Roe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Parental Influence and Teens’ Attitude toward Online Privacy Protection
Seounmi Youn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Neuromarketing and Consumer Free Will
R. Mark Wilson, Jeannie Gaines, Ronald Paul Hill [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumers’ Understanding of Privacy Rules in the Marketplace
Joseph Turow, Michael Hennessy, Amy Bleakley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer Vulnerability and Credit Card Knowledge Among Developmentally Disabled Citizens
Phylis M. Mansfield, Mary Beth Pinto [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Picture–Text Incongruency in Print Advertisements among Low- and High-Literacy Consumers
Haeran Jae, Devon S. Delvecchio, Deborah Cowles [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Product Safety Regulation as a Model for Financial Services Regulation
Elizabeth Warren [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pet Peeves: Trademark Law and the Consumer Enjoyment of Brand Pet Parodies
Ross D. Petty [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Often-Forgotten Nonfuneral Consumer Grief for the Grieving
Elizabeth Taylor Quilliam [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cautions and Concerns in Experimental Research on the Consumer Interest
Marla B. Royne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Can You Really Say That?
Herbert Jack Rotfeld [Publisher] [Google Scholar]