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International Journal of Tourism Research, 10(5)

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International Journal of Tourism Research 

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A model of traveller acceptance of mobile technology
Dae-Young Kim, Jungkun Park, Alastair M. Morrison [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reassessing employer expectations of graduates in UK travel services
Bridget Major, Nigel Evans [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The integration of film-induced tourism and destination branding in Yorkshire, UK
Noelle O’Connor, Sheila Flanagan, David Gilbert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Destination product characteristics as useful predictors for repeat visiting and recommendation segmentation variables in tourism: a CHAID exhaustive analysis
Chris A. Vassiliadis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perception of authenticity of tourist art among Native American artists in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Naho U. Maruyama, Tsu-Hong Yen, Amanda Stronza [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tour guiding, organisational culture and learning: lessons from an entrepreneurial company
Peter Lugosi, Jeffery Bray [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Human resource development issues for the hotel sector in Libya: a government perspective
Ahmed Naama, Claire Haven-Tang, Eleri Jones [Publisher] [Google Scholar]