International Sports Marketing


Special issue of Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, Edited by Vanessa Ratten and Hamish Ratten; Deadline 30 May 2009

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Call for Papers

Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing
Special Issue on "International Sports Marketing"

Guest Editors: Vanessa Ratten and Hamish Ratten

Sport is an international business orientated industry. Sporting organizations offer a number of marketing campaigns to businesses and organizations in order to compete globally. An important part of the sport industry is retaining and attracting businesses and organizations (Farrelly and Quester, 2005). Sports clubs do this by offering a variety of different marketing ideas designed to attract different business demographics. It is vital for academics and practitioners in the sports industry to understand which business and industrial orientated factors are the most successful in encouraging business and organizational loyalty. The aim of this special journal issue is to understand in more detail the way business and industrial marketing works in the sports industry.

In the United States sport is the eleventh largest industry and impacts many other sectors such as technology and education (Danylchuk, Doherty, Nicholson and Stewart, 2008). Much of the marketing that occurs in the sport industry is business related as sports teams such as those in the NBA, NHL and MLB market their products and services to other businesses (Irwin, Zwick and Sutton, 1999). Likewise non-profit sporting organizations and universities market themselves to corporate sponsors. The way sporting companies and organizations utilize marketing strategies to businesses differs from the way they interact with the general public (Wolfe, Meenaghan and O’Sullivan, 2002).

Often the business and industrial marketing that occurs in sporting organizations revolves around international brand management and global networks (Olkkonen, 2001). International business-to-business marketing is an important part of the global economy (Johnston and Spekman, 1995). We hope the special journal issue will encourage debate on issues related to business and industrial marketing from diverse sporting industry contexts from around the world. Particularly interesting is the difference between business-to-business marketing in emerging and developed economies (Pels, Brodie and Johnston, 2004).

Papers from academics and practitioners in the sports field are sought. The special issue will examine how a company or organization in the sports industry or involved with sports markets its goods/services/ideas to another company or organization. Papers that take an interdisciplinary perspective in understanding business-to-business and industrial marketing in the sports industry are encouraged. Contributions to this special issue should present new theories or research about business and industrial marketing in the sports context. All types of research paradigms including case studies, qualitative and quantitative analysis, conceptual and empirical research are welcome. Examples of possible topics that will be examined in the special industry include:

  • What the quality of business-to-business marketing is in the sports industry?
  • How to plan business-to-business marketing in sports?
  • What are international comparative examples of sports business-to-business marketing?
  • How to market successfully in sports?
  • What are the latest and most innovative business-to-business marketing practices in sports?
  • What important insights into sports-based business-to-business marketing behavior are there?
  • How does non-profit business-to-business marketing differ to profit business-to-business marketing in sports?
  • What competition in sports does there exist between business-to-business marketing firms?
  • What distribution channels are involved in selling sports related products and services to other businesses?
  • What is the role of media distribution in sports?
  • What does new product development between sporting organizations and other businesses contain?
  • How to organize sports marketing for international growth?
  • What types of relationship marketing exists in sports?
  • How can you manage a successful salesforce in sports?
  • What is the buying culture of sports related products?

Process for the submission of papers:

Papers submitted must not have been published, accepted for publication, or presently be under consideration for publication. Submissions should be approximately 6,000 words in length. Submissions to the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing must be made using the ScholarOne Manuscript Central system: A separate title page must be uploaded containing the title, author/s, and contact information for the author(s). For additional guidelines please see the "Notes for Contributors" from a recent issue of the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, or see the home page at Suitable articles will be subjected to a double-blind review; hence authors should not identify themselves in the body of the paper.

Call for papers deadline: May 30th 2009

Please address questions about the special issue to:

Dr. Vanessa Ratten
Assistant Professor
A.J. Palumbo School of Business Administration
Duquesne University
Pittsburgh PA 15282 USA


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