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Maximizing Impact via Database Submissions
Eric T. Bradlow [Publisher]

2006 ISMS Practice Prize Competition–Special Section Introduction
John H. Roberts and Gary L. Lilien [Publisher]

Practice Prize Winner–A Nested Logit Model of Product and Transaction-Type Choice for Planning Automakers’ Pricing and Promotions
Jorge Silva-Risso and Irina Ionova [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Practice Prize Paper–BRAN*EQT: A Multicategory Brand Equity Model and Its Application at Allstate
Venkatesh Shankar, Pablo Azar, and Matthew Fuller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Practice Prize Report–The Power of CLV: Managing Customer Lifetime Value at IBM
V. Kumar, Rajkumar Venkatesan, Tim Bohling, and Denise Beckmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Practice Prize Report–Planning New Tariffs at tele.ring: The Application and Impact of an Integrated Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning Tool
Martin Natter, Andreas Mild, Udo Wagner, and Alfred Taudes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Digital Piracy: A Competitive Analysis
Sanjay Jain [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Complex Do Movie Channel Contracts Need to Be?
Sumit Raut, Sanjeev Swami, Eunkyu Lee, and Charles B. Weinberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Information Sharing in a Channel with Partially Informed Retailers
Esther Gal-Or, Tansev Geylani, and Anthony J. Dukes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pooling and Dynamic Forgetting Effects in Multitheme Advertising: Tracking the Advertising Sales Relationship with Particle Filters
Norris I. Bruce [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Probabilistic Goods: A Creative Way of Selling Products and Services
Scott Fay and Jinhong Xie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Estimating Willingness to Pay with Exaggeration Bias-Corrected Contingent Valuation Method
Joo Heon Park and Douglas L. MacLachlan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Disentangling Pioneering Cost Advantages and Disadvantages
William Boulding and Markus Christen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Findings–Using Stock Prices to Predict Market Events: Evidence on Sales Takeoff and Long-Term Firm Survival
Dmitri G. Markovitch and Peter N. Golder [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Image Reinforcement or Impairment: The Effects of Co-Branding on Attribute Uncertainty
Tansev Geylani, J. Jeffrey Inman, and Frenkel Ter Hofstede [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Database Paper–The IRI Marketing Data Set
Bart J. Bronnenberg, Michael W. Kruger, and Carl F. Mela [Publisher] [Google Scholar]