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International Journal of Market Research, 50(5)

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International Journal of Market Research 

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Editorial Peter Mouncey

Guest editorial

The new world of Web 2.0 research
Mike Cooke


Web 2.0 and the ‘naming of parts’
Nick Buckley


Participation cycles and emergent cultures in an online community
Tom Ewing

How does Web 2.0 stretch traditional influencing patterns?
Derek Eccleston and Luca Griseri

Main papers

Researching a confessional society
David Beer

Squatting at the digital campfire: researching the open source software community
John Cromie and Michael Ewing

Join the research: participant-led open-ended questions
Annelies Verhaeghe, Tom De Ruyck and Niels Schillewaert

Online research communities: a user guide
Pete Comley

Conference notes

ASC Conference: ‘Have we lost touch with reality? Re-engaging with the respondent’, 25 April 2008, Imperial College London
Mike Cooke and Sean Regan; A.J. Johnson, Jane Mills and Yehuda Dayan; Pete Cape

Book reviews

Charles Leadbeater – We-think: The Power of Mass Creativity
Mike Cooke

Barry Libert and John Spector – We Are Smarter Than Me
Nick Buckley