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International Journal of Advertising, 27(4)

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International Journal of Advertising 

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Brand placement in novels: a test of the generation effect
Ian Brennan

An inside-out approach to integrated marketing communication: an international analysis
Gayle Kerr, Don Schultz, Charles Patti and Ilchul Kim

Music-brand congruency in high- and low-cognition radio advertising
Anne M. Lavack, Mrugank V. Thakor and Ingrid Bottausci

An integrated model of advertising clutter in offline and online media
Louisa Ha and Kim McCann

Client following revisited: a study of transnational advertising agencies in China
Fanny S.L. Cheung, Hafiz Mirza and Wing-fai Leung

Visual and verbal rhetoric in advertising: the case of ‘resonance’
Vlasis Stathakopoulos, Ioannis G. Theodorakis and Eleni Mastoridou

Comments – The quant–qual debate
From Les Carlson and Arthur J. Kover

Book reviews

Richard Storey (ed.) – Advertising Works 16
Dominic Twose

Winston Fletcher – Powers of Persuasion: The Inside Story of British Advertising
Tim Ambler

Christopher Vollmer with Geoffrey Precourt – Always On: Advertising, Marketing and Media in an Era of Consumer Control
Stephanie O’Donohoe

Ex Libris – Wendy Gordon

Global economy and adspend prospects