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Technovation, 28(10)

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Post-project reviews as a key project management competence
Frank T. Anbari, Elias G. Carayannis and Robert James Voetsch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Organizational innovation: The challenge of measuring non-technical innovation in large-scale surveys
Heidi Armbruster, Andrea Bikfalvi, Steffen Kinkel and Gunter Lay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Re-innovation: The construct, measurement, and validation
Chi Jyun Cheng and Eric C.C. Shiu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is synergy always good? Clarifying the effect of innovation capital and customer capital on firm performance in two contexts
Suechin Yang and Hsin-Hong Kang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Competency rallying for technical innovation—The case of the Virtuelle Fabrik
Bernhard R. Katzy and Kevin Crowston [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding novelty creation in exploration networks—Structural and relational embeddedness jointly considered
Victor A. Gilsing and G.M. Duysters [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Review

The Business of Projects: Managing Innovation in Complex Products and Systems, Andrew Davies, Michael Hobday. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
Jonas Soderlund [Publisher]