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International Journal of Consumer Studies, 32(5)

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International Journal of Consumer Studies 

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Guest editorial: The consumer and values-based labels
Morven G. McEachern [Publisher]

Value-based labels for fresh beef: an overview of French consumer behaviour in a BSE crises context
Pierre Sans, Guy de Fontguyon, Georges Giraud [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring the relationship between consumer knowledge and purchase behaviour of value-based labels
Morven G. McEachern, Gary Warnaby [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Labelling wool products for animal welfare and environmental impact
Gwendolyn Hustvedt, Hikaru Hanawa Peterson, Yun-Ju Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is the urban Indian consumer ready for clothing with eco-labels?
Paromita Goswami [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Struggles in optimal labelling: how different consumers react to various labels for genetically modified foods
Mario F. Teisl, Sonja Radas, Brian Roe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Assessing the demand for value-based organic meats in Canada: a combined retail and household scanner-data approach
Sven Anders, Anke Moeser [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Label performance and the willingness to pay for Fair Trade coffee: a cross-national perspective
Arnab K. Basu, Robert L. Hicks [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Measuring consumer’s willingness to pay for organic and Fair Trade products
Tagbata Didier, Sirieix Lucie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer willingness to pay for sustainable apparel: the influence of labelling for fibre origin and production methods
Gwendolyn Hustvedt, John C. Bernard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Label equity and the effectiveness of values-based labels: an experiment with two French Protected Geographic Indication labels
Marie Carpenter, Fabrice Larceneux [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do consumers care about food miles? An empirical analysis in France
Lucie Sirieix, Gilles. Grolleau, Burkhard Schaer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Preference for green packaging in consumer product choices – Do consumers care?
Joonas Rokka, Liisa Uusitalo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The perceived credibility of quality labels: a scale validation with refinement
Salim Moussa, Mourad Touzani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sensory evaluation and physico-chemical measurements of tomatoes commonly consumed in New Zealand
Janette M. Busch, Geoffrey P. Savage, Bruce P. Searle [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ideological maps of consumer education
Sue L.T. McGregor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of ethical concerns on family consumer decision-making
Lindsey Carey, Deirdre Shaw, Edward Shiu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fairness in Consumer Contracts: The Case of Unfair Terms
Huw Evans [Publisher] [Google Scholar]