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Handbook of Contemporary Marketing in Greater China: Theories and Practices, A book edited by Cheng Lu Wang; Abstract deadline 30 Sep 2008

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Call for Contributions:
Handbook of Contemporary Marketing in China:
Theories and Practices

Editor-in-Chief: Cheng Lu Wang, Ph.D., Professor of Marketing, Department of Marketing, University of New Haven,

I am currently editing a book, entitled "Handbook of Contemporary Marketing in China: Theories and Practices", which will be published by Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York. Please read the following suggested (but not restricted) contents/topics. If you have an interest to write one chapter of your choice, please send your topic or suggested title with an abstract and your brief CV/publications to professor Cheng Lu Wang, Editor-in-Chief, at

While the deadline for abstract submission is September 30, 2008, you may submit your proposed topic/title as early as possible so that we can discuss on it before you pursuing further. After we review all submitted abstracts, the Editor-in-Chief will send an invitation letter to selected authors. Please feel free to contact me if you have any inquiries and suggestions. The final submission of your full articles is September 1, 2009.


The past decades have witnessed China becoming one of the world’s most attractive market to many multinationals not only because of its vast population of 1.3 billion, but also its serious and sustained economic reform, enormous development potential, rapidly emerging middle class, and increasing disposable income. Meanwhile, there is a significant growing interest in studying marketing activities in China from both theoretical and strategic perspectives. This handbook, authored by leading experts and scholars in China marketing research, is dedicated to provide a useful and comprehensive resource for academicians, professionals and practitioners who are interested in contemporary China’s markets, marketing research and marketing practices. Conceptual and empirical works on China’s consumer market and business market, and educational materials (teaching cases for undergraduate/MBA/EMBA and research methodology issues for Doctoral programs) are all welcome. State-of-the-art review papers that consider the most current research in a given area of China marketing issues are particularly solicited. A state of the art review may offer new perspectives on an issue or point out an area in need of further research.

This handbook will be a valuable and insightful reference book for academicians to conduct empirical studies, for marketing/advertising/consulting professionals to develop marketing strategies, for multinational business managers/executives to understand contemporary China’s consumer and business markets, and for marketing educators to teach marketing subjects of all levels (undergraduate/MBA/EMBA/ Doctoral) in China.

Content (tentative and open to all ideas and suggestions)

Part One: State-of-the-Art of Marketing Research in China
State of the art review
Conceptual development
Empirical research
In depth case analysis
Research methodology issues
Marketing education in China

Part Two: Chinese Consumer Behaviors
Consumer values
Hedonic vs. utilitarian consumption goals
Materialism and compulsive consumption
Consumer affect and motivation
Consumer information process and decision-making
Consumption trends
Consumer behaviors
Young consumers
Saving, spending, and credit using patterns
Consumer satisfaction and loyalty
E-business and Internet marketing
Consumer market segmentations

Part Three: B-to-B marketing in China
Guanxi and relationship marketing
Industrial buying behavior and decision-making
Trust, commitment and legal contract in buyer-seller relationship
New product development
Supply chain management
Joint venture and marketing strategic alliance
Customer relation management

Part Four: International Marketing
Competitiveness of Chinese businesses in global markets
Market entry strategy
Cross-cultural, cross-national marketing
Consumer perception and buying intention of foreign products
Global branding vs. local branding

Appendix: Marketing Education in China and Teaching cases
Marketing education in China: Historical review and current statues
Products and services
Promotions and marketing communications
Buyer behavior
Green marketing
Comprehensive marketing strategies
Global marketing issues