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Journal of Management Studies, 45(6)

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Journal of Management Studies 

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Guest Editors’ Introduction: Field-Configuring Events as Structuring Mechanisms: How Conferences, Ceremonies, and Trade Shows Constitute New Technologies, Industries, and Markets
Joseph Lampel, Alan D. Meyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tournament Rituals, Category Dynamics, and Field Configuration: The Case of the Booker Prize
N. Anand, Brittany C. Jones [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Conferences as Venues for the Configuration of Emerging Organizational Fields: The Case of Cochlear Implants
Raghu Garud [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Showdown at Kykuit: Field-Configuring Events as Loci for Conventionalizing Accounts
Paul-Brian McInerney [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Configuring the Field of Play: How Hosting the Olympic Games Impacts Civic Community
Mary Ann Glynn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using Field-Configuring Events for Sense-Making: A Cognitive Network Approach
Amalya L Oliver, Kathleen Montgomery [Publisher] [Google Scholar]