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International Journal of Innovation Management, 12(2)

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International Journal of Innovation Management 

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The Intellectual Capital Dimensions of Ducati’s Turnaround: Exploring Knowledge Assets Grounding a Change Management Program
Giovanni Schiuma;Antonio Lerro, Damiano Sanitate [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Breathing Shoes and Complementarities: Strategic Innovation in a Mature Industry
Arnaldo Camuffo, Andrea Furlan, Pietro Romano, Andrea Vinelli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Supplier Led New Product Development Process Improvement in the UK Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry
Mark Francis, Peter Dorrington, Peter Hines [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Complementary Actors in the Development of Innovation in Small Firms
Tim Mazzarol, Sophie Reboud [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects Of Product Innovation And Organisational Capabilities on Competitive Advantage: Evidence From UK Small and Medium Manufacturing Enterprises
Ana Cristina O. Siqueira, Andy D. Cosh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]