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Business Horizons, 51(5)

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Business Horizons 

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In my opinion
Catherine M. Dalton [Publisher]

Firm strategies in a changing global competitive landscape
Michael A. Hitt and Xiaoming He [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Unintended economic implications of financial reporting standards
Kristian D. Allee, Laureen A. Maines and David A. Wood [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cheating and NASCAR: Who’s at the wheel?
Melissa Baucus, William I. Norton Jr., Beth Davis-Sramek and William Meek [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What leads to cultural intelligence?
Kerri Anne Crowne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Formally shaming white-collar criminals
John M. Ivancevich, Robert Konopaske and Jacqueline A. Gilbert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Transfer pricing for aligning divisional and corporate decisions
Laurel Adams and Ralph Drtina [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Creating emotions via B2C websites
Marilyn Y. Jones, Mark T. Spence and Christine Vallaster [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Embracing realism and recognizing choice in IT offshoring initiatives
Joseph Lampel and Ajay Bhalla [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using product design strategically to create deeper consumer connections
Charles H. Noble and Minu Kumar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Books on the horizon
Mimi Dollinger [Publisher]