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Administrative Science Quarterly, 53(2)

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Administrative Science Quarterly 

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Interlopers and Field Change: The Entry of U.S. News into the Field of Legal Education
Michael Sauder [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Local and Non-local Pre-founding Experience and New Organizational Form Penetration: The Case of the Israeli Wine Industry
Tal Simons, Peter W Roberts [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bringing the Context Back In: Settings and the Search for Syndicate Partners in Venture Capital Investment Networks
Olav Sorenson, Toby E Stuart [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Swimming with Sharks: Technology Ventures, Defense Mechanisms and Corporate Relationships
Riitta Katila, Jeff D Rosenberger, Kathleen M Eisenhardt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Decomposability in Knowledge Structures and Its Impact on the Usefulness of Inventions and Knowledge-base Malleability
Sai Yayavaram, Gautam Ahuja [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Alice H. Eagly and Linda L. Carli: Through the Labyrinth: The Truth about How Women Become Leaders
Celia V Harquail [Publisher]

Liesbet Heyse: Choosing the Lesser Evil: Understanding Decision Making in Humanitarian Aid NGOs
Manuel Nunez-Nickel [Publisher]

Sandy Kristen Piderit, Ronald E. Fry, and David L. Cooperrider, eds.: Handbook of Transformative Cooperation: New Designs and Dynamics
Mark Mone [Publisher]

Simon Down: Narratives of Enterprise: Crafting Entrepreneurial Self-Identity in a Small Firm
Quy Nguyen Huy [Publisher]

Teresa da Silva Lopes: Global Brands: The Evolution of Multinationals in Alcoholic Beverages
Andrew Inkpen [Publisher]