Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship


Call for chapters and cases for "Managing Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship," next book in a series on Intercultural and Global Management

ELMAR members are invited to contribute chapters and cases to the forthcoming books in the MSM Series in Intercultural and Global Management. The next book planned for the series is Managing Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. If you are willing to help complete this book, please see the topics/chapters below that are still not covered (or only partially covered). If you can contribute a case, the editor will determine which chapter it will be featured in.  There is limited scope (due to publisher’s page limits) for additional chapters not listed here, but we welcome your offers in this regard, too.

The book needs to go to press quickly, so your early reply is requested.  I will respond immediately with more detailed specifications for your chapter.


Section I. Introduction
1. Firms, innovation and entrepreneurship FRED PHILLIPS AND JEAN VERHARDT – IN PROGRESS
Section II. The Context and Content of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
2. Entrepreneurial initiative, entrepreneurial behavior, and corporate strategy LOUISE KELLY – COMPLETED
3. Core competences and strategic intent WITH MATERIAL FROM JAN COBBENHAGEN
4. Venturing, corporate venturing and organizational design
5. Property protection regimes, complementary assets and industry standards BILL HULSEY – PROMISED
6. Technological evolution and industry and environmental factors DANIEL NYARKO – COMPLETED
7. The business plan FRED PHILLIPS – IN PROGRESS
Section III. The Research, Development and Entrepreneurial Processes
8. Entrepreneurial processes: Starting and developing the new business CHERYL BANN – PROMISED
9. Corporate creativity and ideas for new businesses
10. Managing research and development projects and stages TUGRUL DAIM AND ATHAR PASHA – COMPLETED
11. Funding for new businesses and for corporate R&D
12. Technology sourcing and technology transfer DANIEL NYARKO – COMPLETED
13. Managing new product development TUGRUL DAIM AND NESLIHAN SENER – COMPLETED
14. The timing and location of market entry
Section IV. The Impact of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
15. Measuring and assessing the impact of innovation and entrepreneurship WITH MATERIAL FROM FRED PHILLIPS
Section V. Conclusions
16. Pulling the threads together: New products and new firms FRED PHILLIPS – IN PROGRESS